Thursday, February 18, 2010

Been away Dog and house jigsaws

Sorry for the delay with these jigsaws, I had been away House and dog sitting. Plus putting in a new kitchen. Thank goodness for IKEA...
Back home for a while so should get the jigsaws out a bit more regular.

Two great jigsaws this week. One from somewhere, beautiful landscape. And the other from Wyoming USA.

All the Best until next time.
the jigsaw guy
Steve Davidson

Sunday, January 17, 2010

While most of the world is freezing we are having the hotest Summer on record here in West Australia, over 41c the last two days.

Ok the first jigsaws are a Screensaver, and you can download the saver below if you like it, it is free.

Jigsaw 1 Is 108 pieces rotating.
Jigsaw 3 is 165 pieces, non rotating.

The next jigsaw is from a place in my home stat of Western Australia in is up north, the Windjarra Gorge.

Hope you enjoy these and share the blog with your friends and family.

Steve Davidson

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not long before the Fat Guy comes down the Chimney.


Been a bit busy, and did not realize that it was over 2 weeks since my last post.

OK I have had some requests for more pieces in the jigsaws so I have added this week a 366 piece one rotating.

We have a Christmas theme one and a Castle from France.

Jigsaw 1. 35 pieces non rotating Click Here.
Jigsaw 4. 336 pieces rotating Click Here.

Do remember to share with friends and family.

And thanks for the lovely emails you send me saying what joy you get from them.

Steve Davidson
the Jigsaw Guy

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nature Theme this week.

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Two more great jigsaws for you today, including a 304 piece one.

Also I have added to the blog a big blank Suduko sheet you. If you do Suduko and sometimes make a mistake (like me) you can print of the blank sheet, put in the numbers and restart the puzzle. Look on the righthand side for the download link and save the Suduku pic for future use.

OK on with the jigsaws.
Jigsaw 1. 36 pieces non rotating Click Here

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spring is fast slipping way, Summer is comin'.

Welcome if it is your first time to the blog, if not welcome anyway.

Two contrasting jigsaws today, one of the Rice Paddies in Bali, which I have had the pleasure of visiting.

And the other more Blokey (male) themed Nascar featuring our Aussie driver Marcos Ambrose.

And once again two for the tin lids (kids)

Jigsaw 1 228 pieces rotating Click Here


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes Had a Great Day

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Sorry, bit late this week, been kicking back enjoying my Birthday and going to the races, and enjoying the Melbourne Cup (no did not make Melbourne this year) but a nice country race track in Bunbury, West Australia. Backed a winner of 3 so was really nice, lots of beer, warm 26c day and lots of people enjoying the great times.

Todays jigsaws are both from Australia.
Jigsaw 1 is from our nations capital city, Canberra. Every year they have hot air balloon carnival at the lake. Canberra, was especially designed as a Capital city there was nothing there before they decided to house the nations parliament there. It is roughly half way between our two biggest cities. They being Melbourne in the South and Sydney to the north.

Today's jigsaws are:

And the 2nd Jigsaw is from Queensland it is a picture from the Live Outback Spectacular Horse show at you can see on the Gold Coast.

OK, that's it for another week, hope you enjoy them, and remember to email your family and friends the blog address.

Steve Davidson
the jigsaw guy